From the Mind of A True Artist

“Susannie,” pronounced Sue-Xany.  That’s the name of Lawrence’s dog. We met up for a visit earlier today to take Susannie to the beach for a bath.

Then tonight I’m working with Lloyd and Aleister, hawking cool shit at the famous Saturday Night Market. I really need to get some video of the SNM. It’s basically Wall-Street meets Woodstock meets Smiley’s Flea Market, that with a dash of Ibiza-style club scene and a scattering of fly-by-night britishy football pubs.

Any case, I really didn’t plan on posting today, but I just read the best interview I’ve read this year. It’s Gary Amdahl, author of the short-story collection, “visigoth.”

The interview was so damn amusing, I had to share it immediately. If any among my swarming armies of readers* has any interest in art or creative writing, or interesting people in general, you will certainly enjoy this.

A few of my favorite excerpts:

“I’m more articulate then I was when I was nine, but I don’t know anything new.  Don’t know anything at all.  Still, it’s part of the public relations campaign that artists have always been waging:  we are pioneers of consciousness!  We are the Enterprise, boldly going wherever, for the sake of mankind, so please give us big grants, so we can jack off with an easy mind.  Like I said, I have wanted to stop boldly going many many times.  I can’t.”

“That the Internet and the World Wide Web are effectively magic, and in some cases quite black, is only just registering with me.”

“I had pretty much signed off on the literary press in this country when Jonathan Raban iced the cake with a big squirt of poop.”

Full interview here.

*Orcs, I was running some analytics in my WordPress suite, and it turns out my readers are something like 70% Orcs. Apparently very popular in that demographic.


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